At RiKKE Chiropractic, we are happy to offer our patients Shockwave therapy as an additional non-invasive option for treating chronic pain. Shockwave therapy works by emitting an acoustic wave through a handheld device into areas where you are experiencing pain. The high energy produced by the device reaches deep into your tissues, tendons, and bones to promote regeneration and the natural healing processes of your body.

Some of the conditions we can treat with Shockwave therapy include:

  • Jumper’s knee
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Heel spur
  • Insertional pain
  • Chronic tendinopathy
  • Medial tibial stress syndrome
  • Calcifications
  • Hip pain

Shockwave therapy is non-invasive and can provide immediate relief from your painful symptoms. During the appointment, our chiropractor will locate the area to be treated by palpating. After the pain is isolated, a gel will be applied to the area, which helps to transfer the acoustic waves through the tissue. Once a sufficient amount of gel is applied, the Shockwave applicator is gently pressed to the treatment area, and treatment can begin. Treatment generally lasts about five minutes.

During treatment, you may feel minor discomfort depending on the severity of your pain. If it becomes too uncomfortable for you, please let your chiropractor know so that the intensity can be adjusted. Afterward, we recommend you refrain from activities that may irritate the treatment area for 48 hours. Depending on your particular condition, we recommend between 3 and 5 treatments, which are done 3-10 days apart.

We Use The PiezoWave²

The piezo single and double-layer technology has been used to create a unique, never previously designed range of optional therapy sources offering point-focused, planar and – a world first – linear focused shockwaves.

  • Focused, linear and planar – the best shockwave for every indication
  • Single and double-layer technology for excellent performance
  • Direct focusing piezoelectric technology for minimal pain during energy coupling
  • Well defined, precise focus – perfect for diagnosis and therapy
  • Uniquely durable therapy sources
  • Finely adjustable penetration depth using gel pads
  • Independent adjustment of the penetration depth and the intensity setting
  • Wide range of intensity levels
  • Easy to operate with App support and iPad holder
  • Plug & play with therapy source recognition

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